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Schlage adds Android support for its Bluetooth smart lock

Schlage adds Android support for its Bluetooth smart lock

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Schlage is adding Android compatibility to one of its Bluetooth-enabled smart locks. Google Play is getting the Schlage Sense app, which was previously limited to iOS. Schlage also just announced the Sense Wi-Fi Adapter, which will allow both iOS and Android users to access the lock remotely. The Schlage Sense lock was initially only compatible with HomeKit, which required an Apple TV for remote use.

The app lets you set unique access codes on the lock for all your favorite people, schedule access for certain guests, and notify you when the lock is used. You can also use HomeKit to get into your home if you prefer. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of Alexa support.

Schlage offers another smart lock, the Schlage Connect, that’s compatible with Amazon Alexa if you have something like Samsung’s SmartThings hub, but it’s odd that Schlage’s own hub doesn’t support Alexa or other home automation solutions. August, for instance, offers its own Wi-Fi bridge that works with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and a bunch of other services.

Schlage’s Sense Wi-Fi Adapter is available now for $69.99.