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My face is ready for the Cinera

My face is ready for the Cinera

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I'm not afraid of the future. When the robots come for me, I'm not going to cower in fear, I'm going to be chilling with my Cinera, experiencing IMAX-like immersion from the comfort of an oversized personal theater headset attached to an articulated mechanical arm.

Cinera is a new project on Kickstarter that looks astonishingly uncomfortable and impracticle. But the tech specs! The headset has dual 2560 x 1440 displays and a wide 66 degree field of view, which the creators compare to an IMAX theater experience. It can play standard or 3D movies over HDMI, or through the built-in Android OS. The headset does have a 9-axis gyroscope for motion control, but there's no mention of VR — the tilt sensing is supposed to be used for flying drones.

According to Cinera's numbers, the "pixels per degree," which is the number of pixels dedicated to each degree of human vision, is 39 on the Cinera, compared to 9.8 on the Vive and 11.5 on the Oculus Rift.

The "Early Bird" price on the headset is $449, which is apparently 42 percent off retail. That includes the Cinera, a charger, and the dentist-style "burden-free arm." The head mount is $49 extra.

The project appears to be pretty far along for something this absurd, with a scheduled ship date of November this year. Cinera is also part of Foxconn's "Kick2Real" incubator, which should hopefully help improve the odds of the monstrosity actually shipping to backers.