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This is the smallest full-featured DJ controller on the market

This is the smallest full-featured DJ controller on the market


This tiny thing packs a punch

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Numark has just announced its newest piece of DJ hardware — the DJ2GO2 — and it’s the smallest full-featured DJ controller on the market. Designed to fit across a standard laptop, the DJ2GO2 is built to not take up any additional space during a performance or practice. To set it up, simply plug in your headphones and connect it with speakers through the master 1/8” output.

For how tiny the DJ2GO2 is, it packs a lot of crucial functionality in comparison to other smaller controllers, like the Hercules DJ Control Compact. The DJ2GO2 features a built-in sound card, two channels with pitch control, a master gain, headphone output, crossfader, 8 cue point buttons, and the ability to browse and load songs. It even has jog wheels, although it should be noted that minuscule jog wheels (as these are) often prove frustrating instead of useful, especially without knowing if they have any tension. There’s also a pad mode which provides access to performance controls usually found on larger controllers.

Though the controller is technically optimized for use with Serato DJ software and comes with Serato DJ Intro, the controls on the DJ2GO2 can be mapped with other DJ software. You might not find big ticket DJs using this at popular clubs, but it’s a great portable option that would work at smaller events with tiny DJ booths, for mobile DJs, for practicing and preparing DJ sets while traveling, and, since it’s not cost or size-prohibitive, to have as a backup for “just in case” situations.

The DJ2GO2 will retail for $79.00 and will be available this fall at retail stores.