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Nintendo’s colorful Splatoon 2 Switch bundle is exclusive to Walmart

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Nintendo Switch

Neon pink-and-green Joy-Con controllers are finally coming to North America — but you’ll have to head to Walmart to grab some. Today, Nintendo announced a new bundle for its Switch console, which comes packed with a digital copy of multiplayer paint shooter Splatoon 2, the bright new controllers, a carrying case, and the tablet-like console itself. The bundle will cost $379.99 and will be exclusive to Walmart when it’s available on September 8th.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like you’ll be able to buy the controllers separately, at least for the time being. A colorful array of Splatoon 2 accessories has been available in Japan and Europe since the game launched, but for now they’re only available in bundle form for fans in the US and Canada. Nintendo says that the new bundle “offers fans in North America their first chance to get their hands on that Joy-Con color combination,” suggesting that, at some point, the controllers will be sold on their own.

Nintendo Switch