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Samsung’s 2017 TVs can now identify music with Shazam

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Samsung’s removing a step in between hearing a good song you don’t recognize on TV and pulling out your smartphone to identify it with Shazam, Siri, or Google Assistant. That can take a few seconds — if your phone is even nearby. So to streamline things, the company has added Shazam directly to its Smart Hub on 2017 Samsung TVs.

You can activate it by selecting the Shazam icon in Smart Hub to pull up details on whatever’s playing at that moment. You can also use the voice function of Samsung’s TV remote to ask “What song is this?” Shazam can identify music from both live TV and content playing over HDMI connections like Blu-ray players and streaming devices. As for why this is only available for the absolute latest Samsung TV line, well, I’ve got no good answer.