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Kano's Motion Sensor Kit: gesture controls, for kids!

Kano's Motion Sensor Kit: gesture controls, for kids!

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Gesture-controlled gadgets were all the rage at CES back in January. I'm still not convinced it's a good way to change TV channels, but it can't hurt to learn how to program for a motion sensor.

Kano's Motion Sensor Kit is a USB-pluggable sensor that detects direction and distance with infrared. You hook it up to Kano Code to make interactive games, musical instruments, or whatever else you can devise with code blocks or JavaScript. The Motion Sensor also works with Kano's Pixel Kit, which recently started shipping.

What's odd is that the Motion Sensor Kit was originally a part of Kano's Speaker Kit, which was announced alongside the Pixel and Camera in a Kickstarter last year. Only the Pixel has shipped so far.

I asked Kano about this, and received this statement:

Kano is in close touch with their Kickstarter backers / community to inform them of any delays and to keep them updated on when the Speaker and Camera Kit will be shipping — no ship date has been provided yet.

People who paid for the Speaker Kit will get the Motion Sensor together and will not receive it (the Motion Sensor) separately.

Feels like a bummer for Kickstarter backers, but for anyone looking for a fun coding project, the $29.99 Motion Sensor Kit is available right now and looks like it will enable a lot of fun projects.