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TCL has canceled the 50- and 65-inch models of its amazing budget 4K TV

TCL has canceled the 50- and 65-inch models of its amazing budget 4K TV


Though the 55-inch version is still up for grabs

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The 55-inch P-Series. Image: James Bareham

When we reviewed TCL’s P-Series TV earlier this year, we said it was the best budget 4K set money could buy. For only $650, you get everything you need: solid image quality, HDR support, and a built-in Roku streaming system — all without breaking the bank.

We were testing out the 55-inch model, and, at the time, the 50- and 65-inch versions were thought to be shipping later this year. Well, no more. According to CNET, TCL has mysteriously canceled these two size options, which were scheduled to sell for $500 and $1,000, respectively. (We’ve reached out to the company confirm.)

A spokesperson for TCL apparently didn’t give a solid explanation for why the two other sizes were canceled, but told CNET: "We'll be shifting our focus from the remaining 2017 P-Series models (50 and 65 inches) to the next-generation P-Series portfolio featuring new, cutting-edge technology to further enhance the home entertainment experience.”

At the time of writing, the 50- and 65-inch P-Series sets are still listed on TCL’s website, but we assume not for too long. It’s a real shame the company has canceled the TVs before they even launched, as they would have rounded out its budget 4K portfolio in a way that really challenged the current leader in that department: Vizio.

But, as it is, the 55-inch set is still a fantastic product if you’re in the market. Just pray TCL doesn’t cancel that one, too.