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Linksys’ $300 router lets gamers put their data before everyone else's

Linksys’ $300 router lets gamers put their data before everyone else's

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Linksys WRT32X
Photo: Jacob Kastrenakes / The Verge

Linksys is trying to offer gamers an edge with a new router that prioritizes their internet traffic.

The elegantly named WRT32X router builds in the Killer networking tech that’s often found in gaming PCs from companies like Razer and Alienware. Like on those PCs, the software gives gaming data a priority over everything else — like streaming movies or downloads — in an attempt to reduce lag.

Linksys announced the WRT32X back in January, but the router is only now just about ready to ship. It’s supposed to become available sometime next month, and preorders are opening today for $299.99. Linksys also made this ridiculous hype video, which includes robot sounds when the router’s lights turn on:

The router supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi, has five Ethernet ports, a USB 3.0 port, four dual band antennas, and works with OpenWrt, an open-source firmware that allows for more customization.

Traditionally, the Killer tech — made by Rivet Networks — has only been installed on PCs, which has meant that it can only prioritize data to and from that one computer. By moving the networking tech into the router, Linksys gives owners the chance to prioritize data for every connected device.

That means the WRT32X might make more of a difference for gamers who are sharing a network with other demanding users. In the past, Killer tech hasn’t been found to be all that effective, though, so it might be worth waiting to see the results before paying nearly $300 for a router. And it sounds like the router will need to be connected to a Killer-enabled PC to get all the benefits, too.