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Nintendo’s amazing SNES-styled 3DS is sadly only coming to Europe

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Americans are still out of luck

Last year, Nintendo released an incredibly cool-looking Super Famicom-themed New 3DS XL — but only in Japan. The good news is that the company announced a new Super Nintendo-themed version for Western customers that just swaps the Famicom logo for the SNES one at Gamescom (via Polygon). The bad news? It’ll only be available in Europe, so Americans are still out of luck for now.

The Super Nintendo Entertainment Edition New 3DS XL is out on October 13th, although the company hasn’t said if the coat of paint will make it cost more than a standard 3DS. And the retro SNES style should make it pair perfectly with the equally colorful European SNES Classic, which comes out a few weeks earlier on September 29th.