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Corsair's new Void Pro gaming headsets have a way better microphone

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There are many, many gaming headsets that you can buy with your money. Corsair's Void is one popular option. It’s a $99 wireless headset that's generally well regarded. At Gamescom this week, Corsair is introducing the Void Pro, which offers a much better microphone and slightly tweaked ergonomics.

The new Void Pro RGB Wireless version is still $99.99, and there are also two $79.99 wired versions: a USB-only model, and a USB / analog jack hybrid for console gaming.

The wireless model is rated at 16 hours of battery life, with a 40-foot range. Also the wireless and USB models have RGB lights which you can control from your PC, along with the EQ, from Corsair's software.

You don't have to jump into these blind. The headphones are already available and reviews are trickling in. According to Trusted Reviews, the new noise-canceling microphone is definitely a big improvement over the last generation, although Corsair might not have mastered the art of comfort just yet.