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You can sign up for Virgin Mobile’s $1 unlimited plan without buying a new iPhone

Bring your own device

Virgin Mobile iPhone

Back in June, Virgin Mobile became an iPhone-only carrier, offering unlimited talk, text, and data, for $1 for the entire first year if you bought an iPhone from them. Now the carrier is expanding that offer to include customers who bring their own iPhone and transfer their number to the network.

The deal covers iPhone 5S and newer devices, and will automatically convert to a $50 a month unlimited plan once the initial year is up. And much like every other carrier’s unlimited option, Virgin Mobile’s plan comes with its own set of restrictions, like throttling after 23GB, and video streams capped at 480p resolution and music at 500 kilobits per second.

If you sign up for Virgin Mobile’s plan before September 29th, you can get the SIM card for free. Afterwards it’ll cost you $25, a lot more than you’ll pay for the first year of service.