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Razer's $159 Xbox One controller has swappable thumbsticks

Razer's $159 Xbox One controller has swappable thumbsticks

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Razer's new Wolverine Ultimate controller has a lot going on. It’s sort of a whole situation. Let's break it down with bullet points:

  • It's a wired controller that works with PC or Xbox One. It has a 10 foot braided USB cable, which can be unplugged, but that just makes it a controller that's not connected to anything, not a wireless game controller.
  • Oh man, it's $159.99. How much do you love video games?
  • It has Razer Chroma RGB lighting so you can look down at your controller and remind yourself that, yes, you do in fact love video games.
  • Razer made a version of its Synapse software for the Xbox. I don't even know how that's a thing now, but you can use the software to remap the buttons and set up your favorite colors. Obviously you can do the same thing with the PC version of Synapse, but an Xbox version of software for a peripheral is kind of wild.
  • The controller has a bunch of extra triggers which can be mapped to whatever functions you like. The thumbsticks can also configured in Synapse for custom control.
  • The thumbsticks are interchangeable, so you can swap heights and choose between concave and convex shapes. The d-pad can also be swapped for one with individual buttons.

I don't know if I mentioned $159.99, or if maybe you forgot that I mentioned it. There were a lot of bullet points. Anyway: $159.99. It'll be out in September.