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RHA’s new earphones look great and have 12-hour battery life

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They’ll debut at IFA next week

Photo: RHA

RHA is expanding their consumer line and will debut several new earphone models at IFA 2017 in Berlin next week. The company makes pretty decent earphones — the T20i among them. In a review, Vlad found that “they sound great.” Those retailed for $249.95, so can be seen as a little pricey for the average consumer.

RHA isn’t quite as well known as some other well-established headphone makers, but past placement in the Apple Store has helped. There are quite a few new models set to be unveiled next week, with prices known for two models. It can get a bit confusing, but we’ve broken the new releases down below:

MA650 Wireless and MA750 Wireless ($99.95 and $169.95)

The MA650 Wireless
Photo: RHA

These wireless earphones have a 12-hour battery life and reach a full charge after 2.5 hours. They come with a remote to switch between music, calls and digital assistant features like Siri or Bixby. The headphones can send messages, read out texts, and navigate using mapping apps via just the remote. You can listen up to 10 meters away from your connected device. The earphones also feature a tap-and-go pairing NFC and can connect to two devices at once. There’s also a vibration function, so if you’re listening to music on your laptop but a call comes through on your mobile, you can still answer.

The differences between the two models? RHA says the MA650 Wireless houses a custom 380.1 dynamic driver that RHA claims to deliver a precise and pure sound. The MA750 on the other hand, has a 560.1 dynamic driver. These two models are inspired by, and will compete with Apple’s Beats X.

MA390 and S500

The MA390
Photo: RHA

Both of these models were designed with customization in mind, and come with silicone ear tips of varying sizes so you’re comfortable. They’re made for those on the go and are lightweight with a noise isolation feature. RHA says they “provide remarkable sound signature” and also feature a universal remote. They’re also pretty lightweight, with the MA390 at 0.53 oz and the S500 just 0.49 oz.

MA650 for Android

The MA650
Photo: RHA

These earphones promise powerful and clear audio, and like the MA390 and S500, also come with a selection of silicone tips so the earbuds fit snugly. They feature aerophonic housing which RHA says channels sound without distortion. They also come with a remote and microphone that has inbuilt functionality with Android phones.