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Icons discovered in WatchOS 4 beta suggest Apple will support more workouts

Icons discovered in WatchOS 4 beta suggest Apple will support more workouts

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Vjeran Pavic

Apple's planning to release WatchOS 4 to Apple Watch wearers in the near future, and up until now, we haven't heard much about how workouts will change. Today, however, iHelp BR says it's discovered a host of new icons that it thinks indicate support for a wider variety of workouts. 

The icons depict the following activities: badminton, barre, baseball, step training, surfing, sailing, skating, snow sports, pilates, paddle sports, kickboxing, jump rope, lacrosse, stretching, functional strength training, golf, fishing, fencing, equestrian sports, downhill skiing, dance, curling, cross training, cricket, cross-country skiing, core training, bowling, boxing, and climbing.

This is what some of the icons look like, but head over to iHelp BR if you want to see them all.

iHelp BGR

Users can already select workouts from the watch's workout app, including outdoor walk, elliptical, and open water swim. They could also already define their own workout through the "other" tab by simply naming the activity they're doing, which lets them revisit it later. Some of these new icons are already included under other, like badminton and barre, although the watch doesn’t actually track those specific activities, it just saves the workouts that way. 

However, these new icons could suggest "official" support both in terms of tracking and through visual representation. Given that WatchOS 4 will ship with a new interface for workouts, we'll likely see these icons used there.