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Diesel’s first Android Wear watch is available today for $325

Diesel’s first Android Wear watch is available today for $325

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Diesel On Full Guard Android Wear
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Diesel is starting to release the first of its debut line of Android Wear watches, after announcing them back in March. The watches will all go under the name Diesel On Full Guard, and the first of them is being made available today, only through Macy’s. That model will have a black case and a brown leather strap and will sell for $325.

The rest of Diesel’s Android Wear watches will come out on September 25th. There will be four other models, and they’ll all just have some basic style differences. There will be two with black leather bands, one with a gold metal band, and one with a black metal band. They’re all running on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, have a 48mm case, support IP67 water resistance, and promise a day of battery life.

Diesel is also releasing an Android app that’s meant as a companion to the watch. It’s supposed to send updates on things like your agenda, the weather, and fitness goals. The app is called T-ON-I, which is apparently meant to stand for “Time, Organizing, Notification, Intelligence.” I’m entirely puzzled as to why it’s split up by dashes, though, and I feel like I must be missing some clever way to pronounce it. Tee-on-eye? Why not just Tony?

While these are Diesel’s first Android Wear watches, they aren’t the company’s first smartwatches. Diesel already sells hybrid watches that do activity tracking.

And really, while these are a first for Diesel itself, these are far from a first for Diesel’s parent company, Fossil. Fossil has been making Android Wear watches for a couple years now, and this year, it intends to release more than 300 new smartwatches across its conglomerate of brands, which also includes Kate Spade, Misfit, Skagen, Michael Kors, and Tory Burch. Basically, it’s just flooding the market with a ton of different styles.

Android Wear has largely been taken over by fashion brands at this point, so it makes plenty of sense to see Diesel debuting its own — and putting them inside Macy’s.