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Thanks to Elgato you can now control your garden hose with Siri

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Elgato has a whole new line of HomeKit products at IFA this week. The company teamed up with "leading suppliers" for specific home automation purposes, including a self-locking door lock, Eve Lock; a smoke detector called Eve Smoke; and a tamper-detecting window sensor called Eve Window Guard. Elgato also has a new version of Thermo, its HomeKit radiator valve, which adds touch controls and an integrated temperature display.

But my favorite new product is the Eve Aqua, which turns your hose on and off and tracks your watering activity. Elgato actually announced Aqua back in January, but it looks like it relies on a new "irrigation control" HomeKit feature in iOS 11 so that's why it’s being reintroduced. For some reason turning a hose on and off really brings me back to my childhood. Maybe it's because I live in the Big City now and never am allowed to turn on and off hoses anymore. Whatever the reason, I'm glad I can talk to Siri about this soon.

Price and availability is up in the air for all the products other than the new Thermo, which will be available in parts of Europe for €69.95 on September 26th.