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This smart salt shaker has voice controls but can’t grind salt

This smart salt shaker has voice controls but can’t grind salt


It’s $200

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Photo: Smalt

You can now pay money to buy a smart salt shaker that you can control with your smartphone or an Amazon Echo. That’s probably because we’re going to turn everything we can get our hands on into a smart device, even if it seems super gratuitous.

Called the Smalt, the smart salt shaker can also play music through a bluetooth speaker, offers multi-colored mood lighting, and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, can dispense salt in any amount you choose via a connected app. It’s currently raising funds on Indiegogo, and so far 51 brave souls have backed it. The Smalt usually costs $199, but is currently available for an early-bird price of $99.

To use the Smalt app you can shake your phone or pinch the screen to dispense salt, which the shaker dumps into a removable tray at the base of the device. The shaker runs on rechargeable batteries that last for up to four hours. It can be used with or without a smartphone, though advanced functions like the shake, pinch, and pour options; mood lighting, and salt tracking are only available through the app. It has an LCD screen on the top of the shaker which you turn like a dial to access features. But one feature that’s sorely missing? It doesn’t grind salt.