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What was wrong with normal clocks that we had to build this horrifying face clock?

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Seriously, why?

Since their invention in the 14th century, clocks have been a mainstay of figuring out the time and whether you’re late to your next meeting. And while we’ve no doubt made advances in horology since then to improve accuracy — quartz movements, digital clocks, and the like — for the most part, clocks have been working out pretty well in their traditional incarnation. You know, the “thing with numbers that tells you what time it is.”

Today, however, I’m confronted with “Patience.” First spotted by DesignTaxi, it’s a new project from Japanese design studio we+, and I’m forced to ask: what was so wrong with regular clocks that you felt the world needed this?

You see, Patience tells the time similar to any analog clock, with one crucial difference: instead of using numbers and hands, it uses a looping video of a human face, where the right eye indicates hours, and the left eye indicates minutes. The second hand is replaced by a popping sound of someone smacking their lips. The end result features bizarrely contorted eyes, soundtracked to the endless popping noises. It’s incredibly disconcerting.

we+ hasn’t said whether or not the Patience clocks will ever be for sale, which is probably for the best. Personally, I’m going to stick with my regular clock for timekeeping purposes — but only maybe until Halloween.