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Acer’s new gaming mouse has adjustable click resistance

Acer’s new gaming mouse has adjustable click resistance

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Acer’s new Predator Cestus 500 mouse is a high-end ambidextrous gaming mouse with a few customization options. But what makes it stand out is the “dual switch” design which allows you to change between light and heavier click resistance based on what game you’re playing.

We’ll have to try it out to see how well it works. “Click feel” typically ranks after tracking and comfort, as far as mouse priorities go, but everyone I know has a click preference and it’s nice for a mouse to offer variety. Acer claims FPS players prefer a hair trigger, while RTS players like a more difficult click, but I’ve also heard the opposite. I personally prefer a minimal resistance to my clicks out of sheer laziness. The real win would be the ability to switch click feel between games, instead of swapping in an entirely new mouse.

Razer’s Mamba mouse has “Adjustable Click Force Technology,” with 14 distinct click feels that are adjusted by an Allen key, so Acer isn’t breaking entirely new ground here. What’s different is the price: Acer’s mouse is $79.99, while the Mamba goes for $149.99 (though, to be fair, the Mamba is also wireless). The Cestus 500 will be available in November.

Oh, and check out these sweet side fins on the left and right mouse buttons. I’ve never had a problem with falling off the mouse, but this extra level of safety could be nice.