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Sony made a 5.6-foot-tall speaker for lit block parties

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Sony's thinking of all the neighborhood DJs with its newest, massive speaker, the MHC-V90W. It's one of the most extra speakers I've seen. It includes lighting effects that synchronize to the beat, and it supports Chromecast, meaning you can control it through the Google Assistant. This seems like the strangest use for Google Assistant, or at least I never thought of the Assistant being used to control massive party speakers, but I suppose DJs can benefit from voice controls, too.

The V90W syncs with up to 10 other speakers over Wi-Fi, so if one 5.6-foot speaker isn't enough, you can get a true party chain together. The speaker features four tweeters, four mid-range speakers, and two woofers. Of course, it includes built-in wheels, so you bring it to your neighbor's barbecue or to your local block party. It'll cost $1,299 when it's released in October.