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Xiaomi's bezel-free Mi Mix 2 is coming on September 11th

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Mi Mix 2

With its unprecedented screen-to-body ratio, Xiaomi's Mi Mix was the first harbinger of 2017's least escapable phone trend. A little under a year later, the sequel is nearly here — Xiaomi has confirmed on Weibo that the Mi Mix 2 is set to be announced at an event on September 11th.

There isn't much in the way of credible information on the phone out there. Designer Phillipe Starck posted a “conceptual product design” video suggesting even slimmer bezels earlier this month, however, while the company's managing director for India has also signaled his excitement with a teaser image on Twitter.

The Mi Mix 2 event will take place one day before Apple holds its big annual fall products showcase. Apple is almost certain to announce its own take on the bezel-less phone that day, so Xiaomi — often accused of ripping off Apple in the past, though not so much of late — will likely do its best to steal some of the presumed iPhone 8's thunder.