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Google's next Pixel might look a lot like the old one

Google's next Pixel might look a lot like the old one

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Evan Blass (VentureBeat)

Google is likely going to reveal a new Pixel and Pixel XL in the coming months. We've already seen an image of the rumored Pixel XL, codenamed Taimen, and now, we're getting a peek at the smaller Pixel follow-up, codenamed Walleye.

Evan Blass at VentureBeat tweeted this image today:

While it's slightly grainy, we can see that the device includes prominent bezels. This is a noticeable rejection of this year's trend toward nearly edge-to-edge screens. See Samsung's Galaxy S8, its rumored Note 8, and the rumored iPhone 8 as examples.

Maybe Google feels it doesn't need that trendy addition to make its phone worthwhile. Still, it's bold to not minimize the bezels at least a little bit, especially considering that Google encouraged Android developers to tailor their apps for taller screens with different aspect ratios than the common 16:9. That said, this is just a leaked image, so it's possible the company won't actually use this design when it officially launches the device. 

Blass also points out that Google isn't including a dual-camera system, which is a trend this year, too. Dual cameras are being featured in lots of new devices, including Andy Rubin's upcoming Essential Phone, the OnePlus 5, the rumored Note 8, and the Motorola Mota Z2 Force, among others. 

The current Pixel and Pixel XL produce some of the best smartphone photography, primarily by relying on image-processing algorithms, so it isn't totally surprising the company would stick with its single camera. 

Meanwhile, Stephen Hall of 9to5Google reported yesterday that a source tells him both new Pixels will ship without a headphone jack; VentureBeat confirms that, too. Instead, the phones will rely on Bluetooth and USB-C audio. At the same time, though, phone cases have leaked with headphone jack cutouts, so who knows. It's still early and the leaks are plentiful.