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Razer’s LED light strips will let you add Chroma-synced lighting to your desktop PC

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Razer’s Chroma lighting system is a great way to add and sync lights between all your gaming gear, whether it’s a Razer laptop, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headphones, or even a cup holder. If you’re a fan of Razer’s illuminated accessories, you’ve been mostly out of luck when it comes to adding Chroma-controlled lights to a desktop gaming PC.

The Razer Chroma Hardware Development Kit solves that, by offering Chroma-compatible LED light strips that you can add to your custom-built PC rig or really anywhere in your room. Want to cover your entire desk with synced LEDs that light up in time when your Ultimate is ready in Overwatch? Now you can.

The Chroma Hardware Development Kit costs $79.99, and includes a base module with with four lighting channels, along with two LED strips. Additional LED strips can be bought in sets of two for $29.99.