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Another Pixel 2 leak shows the phone’s large front bezels

Another Pixel 2 leak shows the phone’s large front bezels

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You can tell we’re closing in on the announcement of a new Pixel by just how much the leaks have picked up in recent weeks. First, we got a render of a redesigned Pixel XL; last week, we got a first look at the smaller Pixel; and today, we’re getting yet another glimpse at an early model of the smaller smartphone.

GSMArena says someone sent in two photos of an early dev unit. One photo, above, gives us another look at the device’s front, where a few things stand out:

  • A more rectangular shape. First, its shape is changed a bit from the original Pixel. While the phone still has rounded corners, the overall form is a bit more rectangular, with the corners looking a bit sharper.
  • Stereo speakers. You can clearly see a speaker cutout both above and below the phone’s screen, making it pretty likely that this new model will have better audio. On the original, there’s only a speaker on top.
  • Those huge bezels. In fairness to Google, you’re likely to see equally large bezels on the iPhone 7S or iPhone 8 or whatever Apple decides to call its standard iPhone this year. But it’s still a disappointment to see a flagship phone maintain such enormous top and bottom bezels in a year that’s seen flagship phones expanding their screens to fill as much of the phone’s front as possible — just see the Galaxy S8 and the LG G6.

You can check out a second photo of the phone at GSMArena showing off the device’s back, which seems to confirm a camera bump and a shorter glass panel.

There’s no word yet on exactly when the new Pixels will be announced, but chances are it’ll be some time in October. That’s when Google announced the original Pixel models and when it traditionally unveiled its Nexus devices.