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Images of LG V30 phone leak through marketing campaign

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Image: Droid Life / LG

Phone hype starts early for every brand, and this post's for you, LG fans. The company employs Joseph Gordon-Levitt to host annual creative competitions that often involve participants filming something with an LG phone. This year, the two entities are collaborating again, and the recent video submissions feature an unreleased device we can only assume is the LG V30, which is likely going to be announced on August 31st. Shout-out to Droid Life for first spotting the phone.

This year's competition ended on July 31st, and the submissions went live today. The stills match up with the outline of the phone that leaked from its supposed user manual last week. The image above shows off the phone's dual cameras, like we saw on the V20, and its rear fingerprint sensor.

The key differentiating factor between this new phone and its predecessor is its reported OLED display, as opposed to LCD. We can see the rounded corners and its more minimal bezels below:

Image: Droid Life / LG
Image: Droid Life / LG

These images seem to indicate that the leaks are relatively accurate, even though they're especially low quality. Congrats to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who got us to watch organic LG marketing materials.