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Tile's new Bluetooth tracker was made to be hung on a Michael Kors bag

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Tile, known for its Bluetooth trackers that you can hang on your keys or stuff in you wallet, is launching a new product line today: the Tile Pro Series. Your Bluetooth tracker is evolving from novice to professional — who knew the day would come. The series includes the Tile Sport and the Tile Style, and you can probably guess how the company differentiates these in its portfolio.

Both styles are waterproof, have up to twice the Bluetooth range at 200 feet, and twice the loudness of Tile’s tracker predecessors. They differ only in their color scheme. The Style looks like Tile handed the product off to Michael Kors and asked him to work some magic; it's white and "champagne gold." The Sport has a cushy texture and is a darker slate color. They each cost $35, or $60 for both, through Amazon, AT&T, Best Buy, and Target.


Tile is also releasing an updated version of its app that'll allow users to adjust their tracker volume and pick between eight different ringtones. The app will also visualize how close or far a user is from their lost item, so you're not wandering around a massive area trying to locate something.

Finally, and perhaps as the most helpful feature, Tile is making its products compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can now ask your Echo or Google Home to locate your keys or phone, and they'll trigger the attached Tile to ring if it's within range. If it's not, it'll tell you where it was last located.


Tile launched its Slim last year, which was designed to be its thinnest model. These new iterations aren't as lean, but they're supposed to attach to your most prominent items, like your phone and keys, and make them not look terrible. Tile did a nice job with the color schemes, despite them being slightly basic. That means they aren't offensive in any way, though, so I'm sure people will be fine hanging them from their bags.