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HTC is rolling out 60 fps video to the U11 sometime in the ‘next couple of months’

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Open-ended time frame, much?

Photo by Vlad Savov / The Verge

HTC announced today that 60 fps video recording is coming to its newest squeezable U11 flagship phones. Somewhat puzzlingly, though, HTC will be rolling out the update very, very slowly “over the next couple of months,” which seems like an inordinately long amount of time to give what seems like a simple software update to all users. For its part, HTC says that the months-long timeframe is due to there being multiple SKUs for the device around the world, all of which take time to test and receive approval for.

Considering the U11 only supports Sprint in the US for now, it doesn’t seem like the usual problem of multiple carriers causing delays for Android software updates really applies here.

The 60fps update for the U11 will only be for 1080p video, not 4K. That puts it on the level of competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6, both of which also only support 60 fps 1080p video.

Update August 8th, 1:15pm: Included comments from HTC regarding rollout timeframe and video specifications.