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iFixit’s Galaxy Note 8 teardown shows how jam-packed with tech it is

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Photo: iFixit

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is making its way out into the world, and iFixit has done its customary teardown to answer two key questions: what’s actually inside the Note 8, and how repairable is Samsung’s newest flagship? Unsurprisingly, the answers to those questions are “lots of techy stuff” and “almost impossible,” respectively. (That’s pretty much the case with any modern smartphone.)

Those two things actually go hand in hand. Today’s smartphones aren’t really designed to be taken apart or repaired, because the mind-boggling amount of technology that companies are squeezing into ever-thinner and smaller packages has more or less seen to the fact that there’s simply no room left to allow for easily replaceable components. And for something like the Galaxy Note 8 — which can offer a compelling case for the most advanced smartphone currently on the market — those two factors apply even more so.

Photo: iFixit

That said, iFixit’s teardown is still an impressive testament to just how much is packed into the Note 8. Things like an X-ray image of the phone, which reveals how Samsung has made room for the S Pen and other internal components, are also really interesting to see. iFixit’s repairability score of a 4 out of 10 means that most people will probably never be able to take apart their phone to fix it themselves, however.