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Discover website mentions new Apple products including iPhone X Edition and 7th-gen iPod touch (update)

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But does Discover actually know anything?

iPod stock

On Monday evening, 9to5Mac reported that Discover’s deals website briefly displayed mentions of to-be-announced Apple products including iPhone X Edition, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3, and Apple TV (2017). There was even a new iPod touch in the purported list of “exceptions” to Discover’s card perks. However, on Tuesday night, Discover strongly refuted the entire story and went so far as to issue a statement on its investor website.

“On Monday, September 11th, a false rumor was reported about Discover posting information on its website about Apple’s new products,” the company said. “The rumor has no merit and an accompanying mock image was never posted on any Discover websites.”

Even if the brief appearance had been true, whether Discover would’ve been in any position to actually know Apple’s plans was in question. One potential warning flag was that the image included “1 to 1 Membership,” which was a paid program that offered private training lessons at Apple Stores; Apple shut down the One to One program two years ago. Hmmm...

However, the leaked iOS 11 GM software confirmed the names of the three iPhones that Apple would ultimately introduce on Tuesday, but didn’t mention the “Edition” part of the iPhone X branding. That turned out to be inaccurate. But according to Discover, so was the entire story of this image ever appearing on its website.

Updated Tuesday September 12th 8:30PM: This article has been updated to reflect Discover’s denial of the original report; the finance company describes it as a “false rumor.”