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It's pronounced ‘iPhone Ten’

It's pronounced ‘iPhone Ten’

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Hate to be that guy, but the "X" in iPhone X is spoken aloud in the following way:


Like the Roman numeral.

Of course, about three in 10 people (or should I say “III in X”) will actually say it correctly. But there really is a correct way to say it. This isn't a "GIF" vs. "JIF" debate. Apple pronounced it "iPhone 10" exclusively onstage at the launch event and in its promotional film. Also, Apple has been using the roman numeral X as a sneaky, edgy 10 for well over a decade. Before the name was changed to macOS, Apple's desktop operating system was called Mac OS X, which was a revolutionary sequel to the Mac OS 9 that preceded it.

So, if it helps your memory, remember that the iPhone X isn't the iPhone eXtreme edition, it's the 10th iPhone. Please disregard the fact that there's no iPhone 9. Nor is it the 10th actual iPhone model. The facts don't help me on this mnemonic. Sorry.

I really should not be the first to throw stones here. I called it Mac OS "Ex" for years, and before that, I made the even worse mistake of saying Mac "Awhs," which is like calling the FBI "Fibby." But I can’t change my past. The only thing I can do is try to be a little better every day. I can call the new iPhone whatever Apple calls it, for instance.

Look, obviously everyone is going to say iPhone "Ex," and this blog post won’t change anything. Remember how everyone used to say "iTouch" instead of "iPod touch" and how that was super wrong, too? But now you know that I know. And I’m out there. Listening.

Don’t screw this up.