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AppleCare+ for the iPhone X will cost $199

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An extended warranty for your $999 smartphone won’t be cheap

The new iPhone X is a very expensive phone, costing $999 for the 64GB version and $1,149 for the 256GB model. So, if you were planning on getting AppleCare+ — Apple’s extended warranty program for its products — for your new, $1,000-plus smartphone, that won’t be cheap either. Apple is set to charge $199 for the program on the iPhone X.

That’s a big jump from the $129 price that Apple currently charges for AppleCare+ on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. (It will continue to offer that price on the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.) It’s just the iPhone X — which again, already costs more than any other iPhone ever — that’s getting the price bump. And due to that price, it will presumably be a device that customers will be especially interested in ensuring they have covered with a warranty.

You’re not even getting different or better service by paying the extra money for AppleCare+ on the iPhone X, either. You get the same two years of coverage for manufacturing defects or battery life issues (up from the one year that the phone comes with), and the same two incidents of accidental damage coverage. Like with the iPhone 7, water damage is counted under “accidental damage coverage.” The prices for your two AppleCare+ repairs are also still the same: $29 for replacing a broken screen, or $99 for more substantial damage.

It’s possible that Apple is jacking up the price on AppleCare+ for the iPhone X due to the screen being more expensive. But right now, it just feels like the company is tacking on another cost to what’s an already extremely expensive phone.