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What do all the iPhones actually cost now?

What do all the iPhones actually cost now?

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Apple’s big September event was yesterday, which means two things: the company introduced new iPhones and cut the prices of its older models.

If you’re interested in an upgrade from your aging iPhone 5 or 6, but the $999 iPhone X is a little pricey, it’s the perfect time to take a look at some of the slightly older iPhones that Apple sells. To help you out, we’ve broken down exactly what your options are, along with how much everything costs.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is the smallest iPhone in the lineup, with a 4-inch display and a design that resembles the original iPhone 5. But internally, it offers the same A9 processor and improved camera as the iPhone 6S, making it a pretty good deal for those who don’t mind (or even prefer) the smaller size. The screen isn’t quite as nice as larger-sized iPhones and Touch ID is slower, but the iPhone X doesn’t even have Touch ID, so something is better than nothing.

Prices: 32GB for $349, or 128GB for $449
Colors: Silver, gold, space gray, or rose gold

iPhone 6S / 6S Plus

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are upgraded versions of the iPhone 6. It’s got the same design, with a choice of a 4.7-inch screen on the 6S, or a 5.5-inch display on the 6S Plus. There’s also support for Apple’s 3D Touch feature, and you get the ability to take animated Live Photos. Those two things, combined with a faster processor, are the main differentiators compared to the older 6.

Prices: iPhone 6S: 32GB for $449, or 128GB for $549
iPhone 6S Plus: 32GB for $549, or 128GB for $649
Colors: Silver, gold, space gray, or rose gold

iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were released last year, overhauling the camera from the 6S, with the 7 Plus getting a dual-camera system and a wide and telephoto lens. Along with the processor boost (to an A10 Fusion chip), the 7 line also added IP67 water resistance.

Prices: iPhone 7: 32GB for $549, or 128GB for $649
iPhone 7 Plus: 32GB for $669, or 128GB for $769
Colors: Silver, gold, black, jet black, or rose gold

iPhone 8 / 8 Plus

Of the new models announced yesterday, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus look pretty similar to the last few generations of iPhones, but they swap the all-aluminum shell for a glass back to facilitate the new wireless charging, upgrade the screen to a True Tone display for better color accuracy, and offer the usual camera and processor improvements (this time, to the new A11 Bionic six-core chip). At starting prices of $699 and $799, respectively, they’re the most expensive base costs for any iPhone yet.

Prices: iPhone 8: 64GB for $699, or 256GB for $849
iPhone 8 Plus: 64GB for $799, or 256GB for $949
Colors: Silver, gold, black

iPhone X

The iPhone X is the new flagship iPhone, with a radical new design, a new Face ID system for unlocking your phone, and an edge-to-edge bezel-free OLED display. It also has the improvements of the iPhone 8, including wireless charging and the new A11 Bionic chip. But at a starting price of $999 (not including taxes), customers on a budget might want to consider some of Apple’s older — and far, far cheaper — options instead. Or at least wait for the reviews.

Prices: 64GB for $999, or 256GB for $1,149
Colors: Silver, black

Correction: Fixed iPhone 8 Plus storage sizes.