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Would you pay $400 for a pillow that always stays cold?

Would you pay $400 for a pillow that always stays cold?


Maybe, but not this one

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The startup Moona has debuted a smart pillow pad on Kickstarter that not only adjusts the pillow’s temperature throughout the night, but has an app to give you an analysis of your sleep patterns.

The product is essentially a water bottle combined with a memory foam pad that you strap to the top of your existing pillow. A tube runs out of it that circulates water through the pad and also connects to a bedside device that tracks the pad’s temperature and the temperature of the surrounding environment.

Before you use the pad for the first time, you fill out a sleep questionnaire. Then, over the next 10 days, Moona adapts to your sleeping habits and will adjust its temperature throughout the night accordingly. The app will show you how you move through the night, take note of ambient light and humidity in your bedroom to give you sleep tips, and has a “natural wake up” feature that will wake you up with a temperature change.

Moona will adjust to your body’s temperature over time

Moona promises that the pillow will help you fall asleep faster and also reach a deeper level of sleep. This is all well and good, and sleep is most definitely a problem many of us obsess over (including myself) with everything from aromatherapy to adjustable-pressure mattresses. I’m unsure if a pillow pad needs to be $400, though. Especially given that it’s weirdly clunky and just plain odd-looking.

I admittedly have a thing about cold pillows. My pillows at home are the kind that are supposed to be cool on one side, which they are! The chill lasts for about 15 minutes, and usually, by the time it warms to my body temperature, I’m already asleep. Though my current pillow is fine, the idea of an always cool pillow is intriguing to someone who is already on Team Cool Pillow. But, am I committed enough to the idea to buy one for $400 that looks like a medical accessory with a giant, tentacle-like umbilical cord coming out of it? Hell no.

I’m sorry I don’t have any suggestions for what would be better. All I know is that I might overpay for an always-cool pillow, just not Moona’s.

However, if you are interested in Moona’s promises of better sleep with a pillow that is always chilled out (and don’t mind its sheer physical presence), its Kickstarter is offering an early-bird price of $249 with an estimated ship date of June 2018. The startup has been showing off the pad all of this year, and has seen redesigns. So while Kickstarter projects always come with a caveat, it does seem that as of now, Moona’s pillow pad is production ready.