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Nintendo is releasing a 2DS XL that looks like a pokéball

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Plus, the previously Japan-only orange version is coming to North America

Pokéball 2DS

With Pokémon Ultra Moon and Ultra Sun on the way, Nintendo is preparing to release a special edition version of the New Nintendo 2DS XL. Though it doesn’t come with the games themselves, the special edition does look like a pokéball. The new portable will be available on November 3rd, just a few weeks before the latest Pokémon games hit the handheld on November 17th. And that’s not all for Pokémon news, either. Nintendo also revealed that the classic Game Boy games Pokémon Gold and Silver will be making their way to the 3DS’s virtual console. You can pick up both of the games very soon: they’ll be available to download on September 22nd.

In other New 2DS XL news, Nintendo also revealed that the previously Japan-only orange-and-white color scheme will be available in North America on October 6th.

Sam Byford / The Verge