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This finger mop will clean your hands, but never wipe away the shame

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Admit it: you live at your desk and your hands are filthy. You need this

Reactions in the Verge offices were mixed when we saw ‘The Wype’ — a “personal desktop snack rag” that’s supposed to keep your hands clean while you’re using your computer.

On the one hand, did we really want to admit how far we’ve fallen as a species? That we’re so tied to our machines that we can’t tear ourselves away for two minutes to do something as basic as wash our hands? On the other: we all admitted — quietly, with a vague sense of shame — that, yeah, this looks pretty useful.

So: The Wype. It’s basically a mini mop-head made from microfibers in a “shag-carpet like pattern.” The mops themselves are removable and reusable. You stretch one over a plastic base, wipe your hands on it when needed, and wash the mop when it’s too grimy to bear.

Its creators claim the design “wicks away grease and removes crumbs from your hand and fingers faster and easier” than napkins, paper towels, and — importantly — your trousers. You can back it on Kickstarter now, where it has a price tag of $15 for one base and three covers.

Now, if only you could wipe away your sense of shame.