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T-Mobile won’t slow down the Apple Watch’s data speeds after all

T-Mobile won’t slow down the Apple Watch’s data speeds after all


John Legere reverses original plan and says Series 3 owners will get full-speed LTE data

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John Legere just tweeted out that T-Mobile will not be putting a cap on data speeds for the Apple Watch Series 3. Responding to customer “frustrations” about T-Mobile’s original plan to limit data on Apple’s smartwatch to 512kbps, Legere now says that upon the device’s release next Friday, customers will be getting full 4G LTE speeds.

Adding an Apple Watch to your T-Mobile One plan still costs $10 extra per month. But this is definitely an improvement over what seemed to be T-Mobile’s original idea, which was to limit download rates to 512kbps by default and charge customers more (between $20 and $25) if they wanted faster data. None of the other major US carriers are imposing data speed caps on the Apple Watch.

It’s very unlikely that the Apple Watch Series 3 will need data speeds faster than the 3G-like ceiling that T-Mobile originally had in place. Not anytime soon, anyway. But having any restriction in place seemed a little questionable, and now customers don’t need to worry about potential slowdowns; the Apple Watch Series 3’s full power and speed will be available at launch.

P.S.: I made that image of the Apple Watch with magenta background in Pixelmator. Give a guy some credit, Legere.