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Shure introduces first-ever Bluetooth earphones for prices starting at $100

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Shure just announced two new models of Bluetooth wireless earphones. The $150 SE215 and $100 SE112 each deliver deep bass and sound isolation, and they’re the first Bluetooth earbuds that Shure has ever made. Both deliver up to 8 hours of battery life on a charge and offer a maximum wireless range of around 30 feet. Their noise isolation blocks “up to 37 dB of ambient noise.” Both are available immediately.

Shure promises that the SE215 earphones — already available as a wired set — put out “rich, detailed sound” over Bluetooth. And like the company’s other, more expensive earphones, they feature a detachable cable that connects the two earbuds. Shure is actually selling this “Bluetooth Communication Cable” separately for $99, which will let existing customers go wireless with their earphones. The cable sits behind your neck, which means the overall appearance will be somewhat similar to Beats X or Beyerdynamic’s Byron BT. There’s just no getting away from that neckbud style if you want to go wireless — but at least these don’t have a hard collar. The Bluetooth cable is compatible with numerous products including the excellent SE535 earphones. The SE215s are available in translucent blue, translucent black, clear, or white.

Shure’s $99 Bluetooth Connection Cable features built-in music controls.

The less expensive SE112 earphones have a fixed cable and only come in black. Shure says they produce “big sound.” At these price points, Shure is going against a big pool of wireless earbud competition that includes Bose, Beats, Jaybird, Sony, LG, and more. Since Shure is only just now getting around to releasing its first Bluetooth earphones, I wouldn’t expect the company to challenge Apple, Bragi, Samsung, and others with “truly wireless” earbuds in the near future — even if they’d probably be very popular with Shure’s target market.