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A startup created a smart dog food scooper to order you more of its food

A startup created a smart dog food scooper to order you more of its food

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YaDoggie is a new dog food subscription company that claims to be more accurate with its shipments, so you're not overwhelmed with weekly or monthly pet food deliveries. The company's success, it says, hinges on its smart scoop. The Bluetooth food scooper tracks how much you feed your dog and tells other people in the house that your pup's been fed. Even if they don't have the companion iOS / Android app, the scooper has a light on the front that serves as a food indicator. Red means don't feed the dog while green means go ahead, give that doggo some food.

The scooper is pretty simple. It has a Bluetooth chip inside, as well as an accelerometer and some onboard memory. It doesn't require charging. Whenever you pair with the scooper, it'll offload feeding updates that'll then eventually result in the company ordering you more food when its software determines you're running low. You still have to approve those shipments, though, so the app can't go totally rogue. The scooper isn't measuring food off weight and is instead assuming you're using the suggested serving size. YaDoggie says it costs $1 to join the service and that an average 40-pound dog will require about $50 worth of food per month. The service and device won't start shipping until November, although the scooper is included with membership until then. It'll cost between $40 and $50 after that point.