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This 'AI' standing desk really just has a touchscreen tablet built-in

This 'AI' standing desk really just has a touchscreen tablet built-in

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I have a standing desk. I like it. I'm standing right now, actually, and blogging at the same time. My standing desk is automated, so I push buttons on its attached remote, and it goes up and down. It also has some onboard memory and saves heights for me. It's neat but not too wild. Meanwhile, a company called Autonomous says its new SmartDesk 3 is "the world's most powerful AI-powered standing desk." 

Should I question the intelligence of my standing desk? What even is an AI desk? To Autonomous, it means a desk that can order food for you. The company apparently partnered with to offer food suggestions on the desk's built-in control panel. It can "anticipate when you'll be hungry," too. I would guess this means it knows the time. 

The company also says users can adjust Spotify and Nest and that the desk will learn their preferences. It isn't clear how well this works or what kind of temperature adjustments you'd routinely need. The company also says the built-in display syncs with Google’s software suite to notify users when they have meetings. There's also an Uber button so you can request a ride from your desk. So basically, Autonomous built a touchscreen tablet into a desk and preloaded some apps. That seven-inch display has a 400x800 resolution and connects to Wi-Fi, by the way.

Is operating a built-in touch screen display easier than taking out your phone? Maybe, although it does mean someone walking by could just order lunch on your account. I hope it's password protected.

The desk costs $499 and is available now.