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Bose gets into the truly wireless game with SoundSport Free earbuds

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Sweat and water resistant for exercising

Bose has unveiled its first truly wireless earphones, called the SoundSport Free, aimed at those needing buds to use while exercising. Because of this, they’re water and sweat resistant, and each earbud is quite small, weighing just 0.35 ounces and measuring 1.1 inches high and 1.2 inches deep.

Bose claims the earbuds house a new antennae system that provides a reliable connection between them. They can work with devices up to 30 feet away and last for about 5 hours each charge. The charging case magnetically keeps the earbuds snugly in place, and can provide two additional full charges, adding about 10 hours of more listening time.

Bose says when they’re not stashed away, there’s also a “find my buds” feature that, via an app, shows the last time and place they were used in case you’ve misplaced them. There’s also an option to access digital assistants like Siri by pressing the button on the right earbud. The SoundSport earphones in black will be available in early October for $249.95. Other colors in midnight blue and yellow citron will be available later in the year.