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This might be our first look at the rumored Alexa-equipped Sonos speaker

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Caschys Blog

German blogger Carsten Knobloch says a reader sent him photos of the upcoming Sonos speaker that'll ship with Amazon's Alexa assistant built in. You can see it pictured above. Knobloch first published the images on his blog Caschys Blog. The leaked device lines up with what we already know about its UI.

An FCC filing for a device features the same play / pause button and microphone icons in the same layout as this leaked device.

Image: Zatz Not Funny!

Now, because this UI image has already been publicized, it's entirely possible someone just created a device that imagines what the new Sonos speaker could be. I also wish we had video footage of it lighting up with a blue ring to confirm Alexa support. Still, we can probably guess the new speaker will look just like the one above given that it's basically a Play:1 but with new controls on top.

The FCC filing also indicated that the device will support “multiple voice platforms and music services," which could mean support for not only Alexa, but also Google Assistant. Sonos is expected to unveil the smart assistant speaker at an event on October 4th.