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Get a free Google Home speaker with purchase of Alexa-compatible LG smart appliances

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google home

From October 8th to the 25th, anyone in the US of A that purchases a Wi-Fi-enabled LG home appliance will receive a free Google Home assistant, a $130 device that's often on sale for about $99. The offer is applicable to about 90 smart appliances sold by LG, including washing machines, dryers, ovens, dishwashers, vacuums, and that fridge that runs webOS. Pretty much every appliance LG announced in 2017.

LG says it's committed to an "open" smart home strategy. So, on top of supporting Google Assistant via Google Home and iOS and Android phones, it also supports Amazon Alexa and LG's own Deep ThinQ intelligent voice thingie. LG's SmartThinQ platform ties it all together by acting as a bridge between LG's Wi-Fi devices and conventional home automation devices like Zigbee light switches, power sockets, and blind controllers. In other words, if your free Google Home speaker doesn't work out you can always switch things up down the road — no ecosystem lock-in here folks.

Google Home... not to scale
Image: LG