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The Ataribox will cost around $275 and launch in spring 2018

The Ataribox will cost around $275 and launch in spring 2018


Preorders begin this fall on Indiegogo

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A few new details on Atari’s upcoming Ataribox console have leaked out today. The company has revealed that it’s planning on selling the Ataribox through an Indiegogo campaign this fall for a vague $250 to $300 price range ahead of a spring 2018 release date, according to a report by VentureBeat.

The report also revealed some more information about what to expect from the hardware and software for the Ataribox, which will run a custom AMD processor with Radeon graphics. It will also run Linux as an operating system, with a custom UI on top that will presumably make things a little more user-friendly for a TV interface and controller.

Atari also clarified what gamers will be able to play on the Ataribox. It plans on offering a mix of classic Atari titles and more modern PC games, although the company is cautioning that the Ataribox will only be able compete with more midrange computers — so think smaller titles like Minecraft, not larger AAA ones like Call of Duty.