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Kano’s latest DIY computer kit is a $250 Raspberry Pi laptop

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Kano’s been making build-your-own computer kits for a while now, but while they let you put together an actual PC, you were still building what amounted to a desktop computer with no screen or internal battery. The company’s new Computer Kit Complete takes the next natural step for the DIY computer: building a laptop (via The Next Web).

The core of the Computer Kit Complete is the same as the regular Computer Kit. It’s still basically a dressed-up Raspberry Pi 3 that runs the Kano OS software, and it’s still designed to help teach children to basics of coding. But the Computer Kit Complete is a full, standalone machine that kids can put together, with an integrated 10.1-inch screen, battery, and even an additional USB board for connecting more devices.

The form factor isn’t quite that of a regular clamshell laptop, either. The Computer Kit Complete looks more like a small TV set than a PC, but the whole thing is still nicely self-contained and definitely easier to carry around than a full computer setup.

The Kano Computer Kit Complete costs $249.99 (compared to the $149.99 standard Computer Kit), and it’s expected to ship on November 20th.