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Aiaiai's modular Bluetooth headphone bands are now available to preorder

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Last year, Aiaiai introduced a modular headband that brings Bluetooth functionality to existing TMA-2 headphones. The company launched the H05 headband on Kickstarter, but is now finally putting it up for sale on the company's actual website for $125. There's a catch, though: the headbands are only available for preorder, and Aiaiai says they won't ship until three to four weeks from now.

The company announced its modular TMA-2 headphone system in 2016. Customization options include speaker units, headbands, ear pads, and cables. The Bluetooth headband might be the most useful interpretation of modular accessories. The H05 supports Bluetooth AptX HD audio, offers an estimated 16 hours of battery life, and charges over USB-C. Lean into that wireless future, baby.