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These wireless noise-canceling headphones from Porsche Design and KEF are pricey but last 30 hours

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The Space One Wireless costs £350 or about $470

German lifestyle brand Porsche Design and British audio company KEF have released a new set of wireless noise-canceling headphones that feature a solid 30-hour battery, called Space One Wireless. They cost £350 (about $470) and feature active noise-canceling technology, Bluetooth aptX, 40mm drivers, and a cable with mic for optional listening without battery drain.

The companies claim the headphones will last 30 hours even with Bluetooth and active noise canceling switched on. That’s on the higher end of battery life; other cans from Plantronics, Sony, Bose, and AKG last between 20 to 30 hours. The Space One Wireless also feature a lightweight aluminum band with memory foam cups.

Vlad Savov, Verge headphone reviewer and all-around solid human being, says that the cheaper wired version of the Space One is not great, but not terrible. Be sure to give the wireless pair a listen before deciding to buy (or wait for the reviews). They’re available for preorder now with delivery sometime in late October.