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Here’s some raw GoPro Hero 6 Black footage shot in 4K at 60fps

Here’s some raw GoPro Hero 6 Black footage shot in 4K at 60fps


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GoPro announced the Hero 6 Black yesterday, and a headlining feature of the new camera is its ability to shoot 4K footage at 60 frames per second. This is something that’s been long awaited by many power and pro users who want just a little bit (about two to three times) of slow motion capability at what is typically the highest resolution most people are shooting or watching. It may not be an ability you’ll ever use on a GoPro, but even if that’s the case these videos will help you get an idea of what the company’s newest camera is capable at one of its limits.

These videos were shot handheld (attached to a tiny tripod grip), in GoPro’s ProTune mode with the “flat” color setting and, I believe, some sharpening that I forgot to turn off or down. I haven’t slowed them down from 60fps, obviously. This is straight of of camera.

Here’s one that was shot with the “GoPro” color setting, as opposed to flat. The color in this is overall more saturated — especially the blue sky.

I’d show you some super sick slow motion footage at the other limit that GoPro’s touting with Hero 6 Black — 240 fps at 1080p — but as of right now I don’t have an easy way to slow down that footage. GoPro’s mobile apps won’t do it, and the desktop apps don’t seem to recognize the new 4K/60 1080/240 files yet. I’ve asked GoPro for some guidance, and will update when I hear back. I’ll also have some more thoughts on this camera (and Fusion) coming soon.

Update September 29th, 1:45PM ET: The 4K/60 and 1080/240 files shot by the Hero 6 Black are HEVC encoded, so if you want to access those you’ll need to update to macOS High Sierra, GoPro tells me.