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Epson’s short throw laser projector is for anyone that wants a giant screen without the bulk

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Hope you like 1080p?

Photo: Epson

Epson has today announced a new short throw laser projector capable of producing a 10-foot display when placed just inches from the wall. Sadly, in the age of 4K, the Home Cinema LS100 is limited to a 1080p resolution unlike Sony’s 4K short throw monstrosity. But the Epson buys you that close-to-the-wall convenience for $3,000 vs. Sony’s $25k price tag. Otherwise, the new Epson comes equipped with a trio of HDMI ports and is rated at 4,000 lumens with a reported contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1. That makes it bright enough to be used with the “lights on and the shades open,” according to Epson.

The LS100 is designed for those who desire a giant display without the massive glass and plastic rectangle to spoil the decor. And because it’s an ultra-short throw projector, it can be placed right next to the projection wall — not wired into the ceiling or placed on a coffee table. The LS100’s laser light source also has an advantage over lamp-based projectors because it’s able to project better color and brightness. Epson claims its laser projection tech will last through at least 10 years worth of viewing, or about 20,000 hours.

The Home Cinema LS100 projector will be available to buy this Fall.