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Dish announces voice control integration with Google Home and Google Assistant

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Coming... sometime in the next six months

google home

Dish announced today that it has been working on integrating Google Home and Google Assistant into its TV service, fleshing out the options for controlling a TV with your voice.

A press release says the integration will work in “multiple languages, including English and Spanish,” and that Dish customers can expect it to be available “starting in the first half of this year.” It will work with all generations of Dish’s Hopper DVR, all models of its Joey client, and its Wally single-tuner HD receiver. Eventually!

Incidentally, Dish already offers its own voice control remote.

This is the latest in a litany of Google Assistant-related announcements to come out of CES, which just last year was dominated by new Alexa integrations. Three days into 2018’s biggest electronics showcase, it’s clear that Google would very much like you to remember that Amazon isn’t the only massive corporation with a rapidly spreading voice assistant. Google has one too! And in case you forget again, just visit the massive “Hello Google” playground at the Las Vegas Convention Center.