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This smart dishwasher can wash your dishes and cook seafood

This smart dishwasher can wash your dishes and cook seafood


A real all-in-one

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Photo: Heatworks

This dishwasher called Tetra from Heatworks and design firm frog is most likely a godsend for those who live in tiny apartments and would love a dishwasher. Tetra is an internet-connected countertop dishwasher (because everything is connected these days) that doesn’t require plumbing to operate — just a standard electrical outlet.

To use the dishwasher, you load it with water manually so you always know how much you’re using. Though the device is quite compact, it’s still able to fit two full place settings including bowls, cups, and plates, or 10 plates or 12 pint glasses. Heatworks says each load takes about 10 minutes, and there’s an internal detergent reservoir that lasts dozens of cycles.

Heatworks noted a need for a smaller dishwashing appliance as research the company undertook indicated that the average household is made up of 2.58 people, though dishwashers can hold place settings for 13 people or more.

The Tetra is powered by its patented Ohmic Array Technology. The appliance uses graphic electrodes and electronic controls that “excite” minerals in the water, directly heating it. The company claims that its hot water is purer than water from any other dishwasher available today. Because of that, you can use the device to sanitize baby products, wash containers, clean fruit, cook seafood, and apparently even wash your clothes (though maybe give it a thorough clean before cooking your fish if you’ve just had your dirty shirts in there).

Tetra is due for release in late 2018, and will cost $300.